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Little Legends is a boutique design studio committed to helping small businesses and non-profits create experiences that echo, engage and evolve.

Our Team

As a small agency, we change our roster to best fit your project’s needs. Here are some of the usual suspects.

Jessie Leiber

Jessie Leiber

Art Director | Designer

Over the past 10 years, Jessie has worked on a wide range design assignments—primarily in the arts, tourism, and economic development fields. When not creating visual solutions for clients, she spends her time hunting down illegal uses of Comic Sans. You can see some additional design projects here.

Mack Black

Mack Black

User Experience Expert

Mack puts her creativity and problem-solving skills to good use creating design solutions that are both functional and engaging. She has a deep understanding of UX methods and how they apply to key points in a project’s life cycle—basically, she makes stuff easier to use and understand. Get a more in-depth look at her UX-i-ness at Design Mack.

Bruce Fulton

Bruce Fulton

Senior Developer

With over 15 years of experience building custom websites and applications, Bruce is our “go to” for web development. His company, Electric Layout solves problems for organizations, small businesses, and individuals who need member management, event organization, blogging ability, social media integration, data visualization, e-learning, e-commerce and unique solutions for specific needs.

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